Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Occasions

We have a plethora of birthdays in October!  No...really....a lot of them.  The month starts with our granddaughter Laurel who turned 8 on the 2nd.  Then my sister Jennifer who is much, much older than 8.  We had a little pizza party celebration for her at our mom's house (see her blowing out birthday candles with my twin and my grand daughter Claire in the photo below), my aunt, my mother, my son and several friends, not to mention our wedding anniversary.  Way to many to keep up with when, as I've said before, it takes me 2-3 hours to make a special card for them.  But, I think I got off to a good start!  The card in yellows was made for Laurel and I was able to use the flea market find of the beautiful paper dolls again; and the side step card (Graphic45 paper) was for Jennifer.  I am a little hooked on these side step cards and can't wait to try my hand at a different version of them although two of my first three attempts turned out fairly well.  Attempt number two is still sitting on my craft table.  My measurements went wonky but I loved the papers I started it with so I'm hoping I can save it. 
Our Colorado weather has turned cool and we got a dusting of snow over the last couple of days and as I said to my twin sister "I understand why bears hibernate".  It just makes me want to take a long nap so it's a good thing I have these birthdays to motivate me!  We also created some cute cards at Amy Casal's Sassy Chic card being the appropriate birthday candle card.  Love the texture of the candles. 
I hear the call of making my own Christmas cards this year.  I didn't send any out at all last bought or handmade, so I am over due.  I've seen some great inspiration cards so it shouldn't be too difficult!  Happy Fall Y'all!

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