Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wake Up Call!

Wow!  Talk about getting your attention!  I had a women contact me via email re-inviting me to participate in a craft show next year in October.  Very glad someone is more organized than I am because I had kind of put it out of my mind.  They do a craft show one year and a quilt show the next.  I'm honored that she remembered but she said in her email she was worried that something may have happened to me because there wasn't anything on my blog since the first of the year!  Yikes!  I felt bad and then realized....SOMEONE READS MY BLOG!!!  Yay!!!


So, although I am starting this at 10:33 at night when I should be in bed I was determined to put something up this evening and a recent family event gives me a good reason.


I had such a wonderful weekend.   My son, Brandon, turned 30 on Saturday.   30!!!  But not for not trying we were not able to put a party together as he and his wife made plans for the weekend.  So I decided to make plan and celebrate in his honor with other members of my family.  I'll be honest here and say that I hoped maybe he and his family would decide to postpone their plans and join us.  Well, plans were planned for later in the day and he and his daughter, my granddaughter were able to join us!  I was over joyed!  Under prepared but over joyed.  I didn't have a present for him.  Still don't!  I'm a horrible mother.  But, I have plans....just still in process.


We spent Saturday at a local corn maze (http://www.fritzlermaze.com).  I had never been to one even though this one is less than 7 miles from my home.  My son, his daughter, my sister, my daughter and her daughter, my husband, myself and a co-worker spent the day playing games, riding trains pulled by four wheelers, walking through corn mazes, eating bad carnival type food, playing in the corn box (like a sand box but filled with corn), watching piggy races, jumping on big inflated jumpy pillow and shooting small pumpkins at a large metal pumpkin with a pumpkin cannon which my granddaughter and I hit!  Yahoo!


On Sunday my sister, my mom and her boyfriend and my husband and I went to the Greenbriar Inn in Boulder for brunch.  It was a belated celebration for my mom's birthday.  The original weekend didn't happen because we went to Utah to see the grandkids and the rest of them ended up not feeling well!  It was a beautiful location and a wonderful time, not to mention wonderful food!


We were back in time for me to work on a few cards a co-worker requested so, along with a few pictures from the corn maze are a few photos of some recent card work.  I'm still in love with Graphic45 papers.  They inspire me so much.  I do "borrow" ideas from Pinterest....where I spend all my time and not enough on my blog!  But, I always make them my own.  


Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for the start of projects to come for the craft show and hopefully more frequent postings about...well...who knows! 

Me, my husband Joe and birthday boy Brandon.

Daddy and daughter

Great Aunt Tish (my twin) and her great-niece

Joe and Brandon

My sister, Tish

Me and my son Brandon

Piggy races!

Granddaughter Claire

Cousins Claire and Evee

In the corn maze

Big hugs!

My daughter Amber and the little girls

My handsome husband

Fashionable Granddaughter

Dead eye!

She his this and so did I!

She loves to get her face painted.  I love her!
Guy card using Tim Holtz                     

Easel card using Graphic45 papers                      
My husbands birthday card using Graphic45 papers...borrowed the design but can't find from where but it was on Pinterest.

My son's birthday card - Tim Holtz Raven stamp and Graphic45 papers and others
Birthday card using Graphic 45 papers and chipboard


I had to get in on the act!

Amber in the corn box

They covered her up!

Pretty girls

Daddy and daughter

She found this little cutie.

Me and my son

Me and my hubby

Brandon and daughter Evee

Can't help but love this face!