Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back up and ready to share!

Finally!  I have a working computer and can start posting and sharing again!  I have created a few projects and even tried my luck at a craft show (along with my very supportive sister).  I didn't have much luck...sold a couple of small pieces that I created awhile back...I even had them up at my office and grabbed them last minute!  My sister was the lucky one!  She brought her handmade cards and sold almost everything she brought with her.  I was so proud of her.
I should have kept a written journal to try enable me to remember what I've been working on but instead I guess I start fresh.  Fresh is good!  A clean slate.  Plus this would be the longest post ever if I played catch up.
I guess the biggest thing that has happened since I last posted anything is that I started a new job!  I work for a wonderful, family owned funeral home!  Yep...a funeral home (or service as we refer to it).  I am the Business Support Admin so mostly office work but I love working with our families when I get the opportunity.  I have very support and big hearted co-workers and we are a great team!  We have a great mix of experience and rookie-ness.  It keeps us all on our best game.  And our owners are the best!  Can you tell I love where I work?  I do!
So, crafting has gone back to a loving hobby and I do miss being able to just pop down to my private sanctuary and not have to worry about spending to much time there but I have done what I can.
I have put together a few more collages and have created several cards over the last few months so I will post a few here as I get the pictures uploaded but here are a couple of cards.  I'm loving Steampunk inspired items and have started small with cards. 

It's good to be back blogging, crafting, and yes....working;  and I even found a new really bad habit....Pinterest!  If you haven't checked it out you should!  But, be warned.  It's very addictive!