Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beautiful Blooms and Baubles

It's been awhile since I've been to a structured garden.  Our house is more of a plant and pray type of set up.  It's more like Seussville than anything else.  The trees grow lopsided and at an angle or they grow with a piece that goes straight out of the top...quicker than the rest of the branches, or they don't grow at all.  We plant four and two die.  We can plant the same thing in one place and have it thrive and in another and watch it wither away to nothing.  Yes, I know, it's all about the soil, the ph balance, the moisture, yada, yada, yada.  Again...plant and pray.  My mother has a beautiful yard and garden...very well tended, very well loved.  Maybe when I retire I too can put the time into our yard and have the flowers, trees and maybe some creative structures that I dream and Pin of!

In the meantime I get to visit other beautiful gardens like the Botanical Gardens in Denver that are currently hosting the Chihuly Exhibit.  I fell in love!  The mixture of plants and glass....amazing!  The placements were odd and some a little Seuss looking themselves but so much fun and incredibly colorful and beautiful.  I haven't wanted to drag my camera out much of late but knew that this exhibit would not disappoint and I was right!  We'd seen some Chihuly pieces before in Vegas, the Bahamas and even in Breckenridge but never in a setting like at the Denver Botanic Gardens  It was a very warm, humid day with my hubby, my sister and her roommate Susan, but it was a much needed day out for all of us!  Enjoy some pics!  Just a few.  I took almost 200!  I actually like my shot of the first boat picture better than the one on the website for the Denver Botanical Garden.  Just sayin' :)
The boats were my favorite!

These were my husbands favorites.

I grinned from ear to ear to get this!

You could make big wishes with this one!

 Bug houses...I will be making something like this in my yard!

Bubbling brook?  Also one of my favorites.

More of the boats.

Classic Chihuly!