Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Breeze-ing By

Sometime ago I told myself I was going to take a course or class to help me step up my skills...well, add too my skills....well, teach me skills!  So about a month ago I signed up for Kelly Rae Roberts Unscripted.  It's not so much a class but a collaboration and inspiration type of experience.  Kelly shares her talents and creates as you watch or create along with her.

I have to admit that I was excited and enthusiastic about the first episode I watched (which was 3 into the start of the experience) and created what I thought was a pretty good example of what I watched. Original only in the fact that I had nothing like what Kelly had except maybe some paint which I've had forever and thought for sure it was probably yucky by this time.  Lucky me, it was just fine.  Anyway I was able to come up with a project from the get go.  Here it is:

I didn't think it was too awful and I actually think I added a bit to it even after I took this picture. I was sooooo out of my comfort zone.  But, I did it!  The next few episodes were not what I was hoping for in the series but I'm hanging in there with it.

So, in the same spirit of wanting to learn I have now become hooked on YouTube!  I have subscribed to many channels and have seen and followed many videos but I am most inspired by Vicky Papaioannou, Einat Kessler and Gabrielle Pollacco.  I think I've mentioned Gabrielle before in my blogs but she doesn't seem to be creating and/or posting as much.  I'm sure, being so talented, that she is a very busy woman.  I look forward to her posts when they do come out.  Vicky and Einat are equally as talented in their own right and talents.  Here is a piece I cased and made my own after watching a video by Vicky:
And, shortly after this another project, also cased from a Graphic 45 piece I saw on Pinterest:
And, in-between I was inspired by another gal on YouTube, Toni Burt,to make these two pieces:
As you can see I've been trying my hand at several different versions of mixed media and I'm loving it!  I am watching, learning, trying, failing, failing, failing, and trying again.  I have some really ugly pieces set aside to b reworked (which I now know I can do), but these are what I've done for now and I have another KRR inspired project started and hope to finish and post soon.  But while it was drying I did finally create another Tim Holtz tag, this one for the August 2016 challenge:
I'm still a Tim Holtz and Graphic45 junkie and continue to stock pile papers and emphemra for both and have many mental (and Pinterest pinned) projects that await enough hours in the day.

It's a long post but catches me up for now!