Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week of Wonderful

I can't imagine that Facebook or some other social media hasn't done for others what it has for our family over the last year.  I have an Aunt that no one knew existed, and a niece we thought we would never know of surface.  The Aunt is Laura Conners.  She is my mother's half sister (same father).  She and he husband Mike were in Colorado this week and we were able to spend some time and learn more about her and her family and her about us.  We've been communicating for almost a year so it was so nice to finally meet face to face. 

Marnina Colby is the other edition.  She is my middle sister's daughter and was given up for adoption at birth.  That was 18 years ago and we never thought that we would know anything about her.  But after a short search on her part she was able to find her 1/2 sister, my niece, on Facebook.  It turned out that her sister (also adopted) found her biological family the same day...the same way.  Marnina is currently on a mission of sorts, in Israel.  She was raised Jewish.  She a beautiful young lady and a typical 18 year old.  She and my niece and their brother were able to finally all meet and spend time together in Florida.  I would have loved to have been there with them just to see the joy on their faces.

But, since I had the pleasure of having my new Aunt here I have the photos to prove it!  The first photo is of Laura.  The next is of her and me.  Jeez my hair looks dark!  The next is Laura and her husband Mike. 

 We had dinner at my sisters house and my son, Brandon, and granddaughter, Evee were able to join us.  He is usually working so getting him to join us is rare so we were lucky to have them there.  I took the opportunity to get some recent pictures!  I haven't had one of he and I in a very long time.  So, here we are and one of he and his cutie pa-too tie daughter.  I have beautiful granddaughters!  Just saying! 

 I did squeak some time in to make a card this weekend.  A request by a co-worker for a baby shower card.  Graphic45 paper's didn't disappoint again!  I've used it almost exclusively of late and I love the way this came out.  I hope she does too!  The next project is a special card for my hubby for our anniversary.  I tried a few ideas today but no luck.  I'll try again tomorrow night!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Rush

Weekends just are not long enough!
Between the things you need to do and the things you want to do there just are not enough hours in the day. And, when the days are as beautiful as they have been this weekend you just want them to go on.
As promised in my last blog entry here are a few pictures of the treasure we "acquired" at the antique market.  Can you tell I'm still feeling a little badly?  I can't wait to find a use for them.  Something a little more industrial maybe or adding them to a vintage piece not yet imagined yet.

Aren't they wonderful!  Oh the possibilities!

One of my coworkers asked for a birthday card for her daughter.  Using my favorite Graphic45 paper, again, and my new found love of step cards, here is what I created.

With Amber and Claire living with us I wanted to be sure we had some Halloween decor up this year.  So, yesterday I started on a project idea I saw on Pinterest.  I didn't have all the pieces of the original (not for not trying...drove around looking for a wooden crate for an hour on Saturday) display but I think mine has my own flair.  Claire gave it the "It's not to scary" nod of approval.

What started out as a little bit of decorating ended up being a little bit of decorating and a lot of cleaning out the flower beds in the front of the house!  I actually ran out of day light!  But boy do they look a lot better.  Now I have the itch to plant some bulbs.  Hope I can do that before the first freeze.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cards and Pumpkins

What a nice weekend.  Sorry to have it end as I still have sooo much to do!  We went to an antique sale/show in Longmont on Saturday and I think we got the deal of the century!  Found a container full of old hinges, metal feet, ceramic wheels and other rusted, beautiful goodies.  Two sisters were running the booth and one turned to the other as asked how much after we offered to purchase the entire container.  The other sister said to the first sister "You make the deal", so she asked us how much we wanted to pay.  We really lowballed it but not trying to insult them and offered $25.  She accepted our offer!  We were thrilled, actually giddy!...the other sister...not so much. This easily could have been well over $100 worth of treasure.  I felt a little bad so I actually paid $30.  The "other" sister was still talking about how her sister just "gave away the farm" as we were walking out.  If the bag hadn't been so heavy we might have sprinted away! Once I have few minutes I'll post  some photos of the items we purchased.  We joked on the way out that we hoped we hadn't created a Bette Davis/Joan Crawford/Sweet Baby Jane moment between them.

Still doing my best to knock out some October birthday cards!  It's a good thing I attended a card crafting class last weekend or I'd be very behind!  But, I wanted to make sure that the "special cards" were getting done and so good.  And yes, in case you are keeping track it did take me four hours to make these.  It's a good thing that I don't do this for a living, I would starve to death.  But, in my own defense, I did do laundry and make a batch of ham and bean soup today..YUM! So, here are the two cards I made.  The girlyish one is for my Mom and the Steampunk version is for my Son.  Now to purchase the gifts!

We also took some time and stopped to get pumpkins on Saturday.  We haven't done this in a long time and would have preferred to choose them with the kids/grandkids but we weren't able to this time.  The were so pretty!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Occasions

We have a plethora of birthdays in October!  No...really....a lot of them.  The month starts with our granddaughter Laurel who turned 8 on the 2nd.  Then my sister Jennifer who is much, much older than 8.  We had a little pizza party celebration for her at our mom's house (see her blowing out birthday candles with my twin and my grand daughter Claire in the photo below), my aunt, my mother, my son and several friends, not to mention our wedding anniversary.  Way to many to keep up with when, as I've said before, it takes me 2-3 hours to make a special card for them.  But, I think I got off to a good start!  The card in yellows was made for Laurel and I was able to use the flea market find of the beautiful paper dolls again; and the side step card (Graphic45 paper) was for Jennifer.  I am a little hooked on these side step cards and can't wait to try my hand at a different version of them although two of my first three attempts turned out fairly well.  Attempt number two is still sitting on my craft table.  My measurements went wonky but I loved the papers I started it with so I'm hoping I can save it. 
Our Colorado weather has turned cool and we got a dusting of snow over the last couple of days and as I said to my twin sister "I understand why bears hibernate".  It just makes me want to take a long nap so it's a good thing I have these birthdays to motivate me!  We also created some cute cards at Amy Casal's Sassy Chic card being the appropriate birthday candle card.  Love the texture of the candles. 
I hear the call of making my own Christmas cards this year.  I didn't send any out at all last bought or handmade, so I am over due.  I've seen some great inspiration cards so it shouldn't be too difficult!  Happy Fall Y'all!