Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cards and Pumpkins

What a nice weekend.  Sorry to have it end as I still have sooo much to do!  We went to an antique sale/show in Longmont on Saturday and I think we got the deal of the century!  Found a container full of old hinges, metal feet, ceramic wheels and other rusted, beautiful goodies.  Two sisters were running the booth and one turned to the other as asked how much after we offered to purchase the entire container.  The other sister said to the first sister "You make the deal", so she asked us how much we wanted to pay.  We really lowballed it but not trying to insult them and offered $25.  She accepted our offer!  We were thrilled, actually giddy!...the other sister...not so much. This easily could have been well over $100 worth of treasure.  I felt a little bad so I actually paid $30.  The "other" sister was still talking about how her sister just "gave away the farm" as we were walking out.  If the bag hadn't been so heavy we might have sprinted away! Once I have few minutes I'll post  some photos of the items we purchased.  We joked on the way out that we hoped we hadn't created a Bette Davis/Joan Crawford/Sweet Baby Jane moment between them.

Still doing my best to knock out some October birthday cards!  It's a good thing I attended a card crafting class last weekend or I'd be very behind!  But, I wanted to make sure that the "special cards" were getting done and so good.  And yes, in case you are keeping track it did take me four hours to make these.  It's a good thing that I don't do this for a living, I would starve to death.  But, in my own defense, I did do laundry and make a batch of ham and bean soup today..YUM! So, here are the two cards I made.  The girlyish one is for my Mom and the Steampunk version is for my Son.  Now to purchase the gifts!

We also took some time and stopped to get pumpkins on Saturday.  We haven't done this in a long time and would have preferred to choose them with the kids/grandkids but we weren't able to this time.  The were so pretty!

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