Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time For Creativity

Time for Creativity.....Being currently unemployed you would think that I would have all the time in the world but over the last couple of weeks I haven't found the time to create. I did work on a couple of domino pendants and/or pins that should be a quick finish but that's about it.

My time has been spent entertaining my four year old (almost five) grand daughter for the last few days. I'd almost forgotten the days of not getting anything accomplished during the day because you devote your time to finding things for them to do!

She easy, really. At least one and one half to two hours are devoted to a movie. She loves her movies and is very picky about them! And she has had preschool or dance for part of that time. Day 1 was a beautiful day so we were able to go outside. Day w was kind of cool and overcast so we couldn't go back outside to reinspect the mole hills we found the day before. Today was snowy and cold after dance but the grocery store and princess dress up kept us entertained today (not at the same time). The most creative I got was to make a loaf of bread and even that wasn't much of a challenge with a bread maker. Still yummy!

So, even though time for creativity wasn't to be had over the last few days I did put my photography skills (limited as they may be) here is a picture of my grand daughter from day 1 of spending most of the week with Grams and Papa.

I'm also posting the pictures from a series that I created last month. Let me know what you think!

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