Thursday, April 7, 2011

And so it begins!

With some pushing....or more like shoving.... here is my attempt at my own blog! My family has a blog that I post too on occasion ( but this one will be mine, where I can showcase my own creations (or khreations) and bit's and pieces of my own thoughts and experiences.

So, like the title states...And, so it begins.

Over the last few days I began a project that was to be a birthday gift for my wicked step mother. Yes, I said wicked stepmother. She calls herself that! I would never, ever call her that!

This piece and a lot of what I've been creating over the last year are very inspired by a beautiful and talented artist by the name of KC Willis ( Everything I've done in this medium I have learned from KC and this piece was made to almost mimic a piece she created. I didn't make it to sell. It was made as a gift for a loved one that I knew would appreciate the art and the patriotic value I gave it.

That being said, I also have to say this was one of the most difficult projects I've put together! It's big, 22x30, and required a lot of adjusting to get the stripes at least close to equal in size. KC teaches a class on how to create this flag. I did not take the class but wished I had!!! The big star in the upper left corner was a project all on it's own. It probably took me three hours to determine what I wanted to put on top of the blue ticking and I finally decided I couldn't do any better than what KC had already done. So, I created a similar (yet inferior) star and added some additional stars and buttons to give it my own flavor.

So, here it is! It's not my first piece but it is my favorite and I wanted it to be the subject of my first post on my blog.

Speaking of the blog...I'm sure it will be ever changing in topic and design. I went with the quick choices for now but hope to give it my own flair when I figure out how to make some changes.

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  1. Lucky me! I am the person who got the American flag. I wish you could all see it in person. It is fabulous! As I look around our house, I see all sorts of "Khreations" that Kharen has made for me over the years. How lucky to have my girls even though they are more like sisters! Much love always....