Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Imitation and Inspiration

Sunday I was able to work on a project that was, again, inspired by a project I saw on Pinterest.  When I say it I couldn't wait to cut up the Ouiji board that has been hanging in the garage for a very long time.  I thought I was going to have to really sweet talk my husband into "donating" it to the cause and then into cutting it up.  Cut up a Ouiji board!  That has to be a really bad thing!  Why do you think I asked him to do it?  Thankfully, nothing bad happened.  He also had another one he preferred over this one so I was very lucky.  I am lucky...he is the most amazing man. 
So, back on topic.  Early on in my Pinterest adiction I saw the photo and then went to the site for these little houses.  I was immediatley facinated and couldn't wait to give it a shot.  It's kind of like making cards but these are a little more decorative.  Once these are completed I will attach a way to hand them.  They will be a nice piece to hang on a wall as they are a little too big and a lot to un-Christmas like to hang as an ornament unless you have a tree that stays up year round.  Do you?  I'd be jealous if you do! 
Like I said, I found the project on www.pinterest.com and if you click through you will find it takes you to  craftster.org but I accidently came across it on another blog site but now can't find it....darn.  But I was inspired and used her pieces for inspiration but found that I'm putting my spin on them as usual.  I liked her's a lot, especially the one with the skeleton on it (note the skull bead on one of them), but right now I vow not to purchase anything new until I use, repurpose, sort/organize, give away or throw away some of the "stuff" I've collected/hoarded, over the last year or so and so far I've been able to use what I have on these houses!  Yay! 
Hear are the first few.  I have about 7 more to do and I'm really having fun coming up with something a little different for each one.  Wish me luck on the rest.  I may need it.  Remember....this is a cut up Ouiji board!

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