Sunday, March 13, 2016

March Muchness

You have to be familiar with Alice in Wonderland, the Johnny Depp version, to understand the term "Muchness".  Johnny/The Mad Hatter tells Alice that she has lost her muchness-that she is much less muchy than she used to be...or something to that effect.  That's kind of how I've been feeling of late.  I've made a few cards here and there, didn't make a tag for Tim Holtz challenge in February, did do a little love bug project for co-workers (that I've neglected to take a photo of but here is a link to the inspiration for them ), and made a couple of cards for co-workers that are leaving.  Today, I made a couple more cards, one for a neighbor who lost his sister and one for an upcoming baby shower for my cousin.  After 3 boys she's having a girl and is very excited, and finally, a tag for the March challenge.

But, back to my lack of seems to be creeping in everywhere...home, work, crafts, relationships.  Easier to keep to myself and not bother anyone, but no motivation.  Man, I'm depressing! LOL!!!  So, pushed through and made the tag.  Hopefully a good start to finding my muchness!

1 comment:

  1. Kharen, I love your tag! You did a great job with the colors, and love the colors on the corrugated cardboard. Sorry about your lack of muchness...been feeling the same way myself. Looks like you're back on track, though!