Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Breath in 1,2,3....Breath out 1,2,3.....

Not sure how to type a deep breath but that's what I did before I started to type.  Sometimes I think we forget to do that during the day.  Not that we always need it but it couldn't hurt just to push back from the desk, computer, crafting table, etc. and just breath.

Now that I've taken in some extra oxygen I have a clear mind and am ready to catch up on my blog after the Holidays.  I hope yours was as wonderful as mine!

We hosted Christmas Eve at our house this year.  I love having everyone here but getting to that point...jeez!  I finally gave up and although my house was the way I wanted it (except my bedroom...ugh), tree decorated in red and Santa's (photo's to follow), Santa's everywhere, garland, sparkling lights and candles strategically placed, soups and munchies ready, my favorite part of the night was family walking through the door (sigh).  I am so happy.

After everyone has had their fill of soups (four different kinds), breads, and assorted munchies we all settled in for....oh wait...started to stray there...we all headed for Christmas presents! Yay!  The little girls first, after they passed out the presents.  That has been a tradition with us for as long as I can remember.  The youngest pass out the presents but then we watch as they open their pile.  I think they enjoy it as much as we do.

After presents we had dessert, although we are all still pretty full from dinner,   So fun!   It's decided by who does the best acting job...or over acting as it might be.

All in all, and despite a wonderful round of Christmas snow, we had a wonderful time and I was sad to see everyone go and for it to end.  Even the little girls made it to the final hour.  I love my family and they are welcome to my home anytime....as long as I have 3 weeks notice to get my house clean again!  Kidding...sort of.

So now the pictures and items that bring us to today.

Believe it or not I didn't take photos of my Christmas cards.  Yes, I made them this year...all 60 plus of them.  I hope they made it without anyone having to pay extra postage.  I thought I may have been pushing it.  I read somewhere that if it fits between the opening of my paper cutter where the blade runs that it would be fine.  They juuuuuust fit.  But, I did make a special card for my daughter who's birthday is December 31st.  She loved it and so did I.  Very happy with the results and here it is.
I also completed two new fabric collages that are being donated for a fundraiser.  I'm actually attending this event so I'll get to see what they go for but also a little nervous.  I've donated them before but never learned the result.  I just need to roll with it...not matter what.  It's for a good cause and every little bit helps.  So here they are!

I am happy with the way they turned out.  Love the bit of rustiness that I was finally able to use.  Remember them from a previous post?  And still loving these little girls.  They inspire me.  I try to replace them but go back to them every time!

To round things out....the Santa above is one of my new ones for 2012.  My sister gave me another one very similar to it as well as a Mrs. Claus.  They are so cute!  The Christmas tree quilt was made by my very talented mom!  I wish the close up would show you the snowflake detail in the background stitching.  I love it and hate to take it down.  Guess she'll have to make me something to replace it with...wink, wink mom!  Thanks Mom.  You are so very talented and I am honored that you made it for me.

My Dad and step-mom Jane didn't make it home until after Christmas.  They spent the time in Charleston with her family.  I am so glad that they had that opportunity but we missed them greatly and were very happy to see them before the year ended.

So, I want to wish you all a wonderful new, shiny year full of family and friends and when you need it...a little you time.  Don't forget to take care of you!   Hugs!

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